Caleb Alexander, MD, MS


Dr. Alexander is a dynamic and internationally renowned physician scientist with extensive scientific, clinical, and regulatory experience in the pharmaceutical industry and public health. A practicing internist with rigorous training in many subspecialty clinical areas, Dr. Alexander is the founding director of the FDA-funded Johns Hopkins Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation. He also has deep expertise in pharmaceutical utilization, safety and effectiveness, with over 375 scientific publications and more than two decades of independent funding to support a large and highly productive research team. In his capacity as founding co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness for the past ten years, Dr. Alexander has extensive experience working with stakeholders including payers, regulators, manufacturers and consumer advocates. He has also served as a testifying expert in complex pharmaceutical litigation. A highly self-motivated and enterprise thinker, he is a sought after thought leader and lecturer on a wide range of topics in drug utilization, safety, effectiveness and policy.

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